Breakthrough Performance with Quadro and ViewPerf 11
SPECviewperf® 11 is the updated professional benchmark, designed to accurately showcase the scalability of today’s graphics hardware. The latest graphics performance evaluation software features new viewsets traced from current versions of applications, large models and advanced OpenGL functionality, providing a true representation of today’s real-world scenarios. And yes, the new Quadro solutions show a dramatic performance advantage.
Video Selection

Bunkspeed SHOT with iray
Design Garage for Quadro
ViewPerf Breakthrough Application Performance with Quadro Solutions
Computational Visualization of 4D Cardiac Flow
Mari 3D Texture Painting by The Foundry
Nuke Compositing Application by The Foundry
Physics in real time with RTT RealFluid and Quadro Solutions
The Wonders of 3D Imaging with Siemens and Quadro
Interactive Ray Tracing with RTT DeltaGen and Quadro Solutions
Real-time Video Reconstruction with Motion DSP Ikena software and Quadro