Design Garage for Quadro
Phil Miller, director of software product management at NVIDIA, showcases new content for the Design Garage demo, powered by NVIDIA Application Acceleration Engines and Quadro 5000 professional graphics solutions. Built upon the NVIDIA® SceniX™ scene management engine, the demo shows highly interactive ray tracing using the NVIDIA OptiX™ ray tracing engine for accurate reflections, shadows and global illumination. The large graphics memory and exceptional compute power of the new Quadro GPUs enable interactive ray tracing performance on massive datasets and scenes.
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Design Garage for Quadro
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Mari 3D Texture Painting by The Foundry
Nuke Compositing Application by The Foundry
Physics in real time with RTT RealFluid and Quadro Solutions
The Wonders of 3D Imaging with Siemens and Quadro
Interactive Ray Tracing with RTT DeltaGen and Quadro Solutions
Real-time Video Reconstruction with Motion DSP Ikena software and Quadro